Passive Stretching & Stability
Greg Everett | Mobility, Preparation, Recovery & Injury | May 18 2021 | Comments

Static stretching (really static-passive) is presently the bad guy, although it’s been the target of some disdain and challenges for about the last 15 years (here’s an article I wrote in 2006 when we first started seeing concerns about its effects ... Continue reading
Guide to Training Program Selection
Greg Everett | Weightlifting Program Design | January 1 2021 | Comments

I get a huge volume of messages and emails asking for program recommendations, and it’s impossible for me to respond to them anymore, so this is going to henceforth serve as the Official Guide to Catalyst Athletics Program Selection.   Program or ... Continue reading
Moving the Feet in the Snatch & Clean
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting Technique | November 20 2020 | Comments

I get a couple frequent questions about the feet in the snatch and clean: Do you have to move your feet from the pulling stance into a different receiving stance? Does that receiving stance have to be wider than your pulling stance?   The short answer i... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Long Limbs & The Pull
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting Technique | October 29 2020 | Comments

Charlie Asks: Thanks for putting all of your knowledge out there and making it accessible. My question pertains to body type. Specifically long limbed people with short torsos who struggle getting their knees out of the way in the first and second pulls. ... Continue reading
Snatch & Clean Bar Contact: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting Technique | October 5 2020 | Comments

How and when the bar contacts the body in the snatch and clean—and even whether or not it should—is an ongoing source of confusion for new lifters, so we’re going... Continue reading
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