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Hip Clean

The hip clean is a specific variation of the hang clean in which the bar begins in (or as near as possible) the crease of the hip.
Stand tall with the bar in a clean-width grip. Hinge at the hips and bend the knees slightly, keeping the bar tucked as close into the crease of the hips as possible, and initiate the hang clean from this position. Typically hip cleans are done with a countermovement; that is, the lifter moves into the hang position and then immediately cleans with no pause in the hang position.
The hip clean is a less useful exercise than the hip snatch due to the fact that the narrower grip of the clean typically means that the bar naturally contacts the lifter’s body on the upper thigh rather than the crease of the hips as it would in the snatch. This means that in reality, the bar isn’t actually tucked into the hips in this exercise, making it more of a high-hang clean, or that the athlete will bend the elbows to tuck the bar into the hip, which will both encourage bad habits in the clean and reduce the exercise’s utility due to the difference in position relative to the clean.
The purpose of the hip clean is to force an extremely aggressive final extension in the pull and to practice the proper position and balance at this stage of the lift, in particular the placement of the bar near the crease of the hips. It will also help improve the pull under the bar due to the limited ability of the athlete to accelerate and elevate the bar first.
Hip clean reps should be kept to 1-3 per set. If being used for technique work, weights should remain light (around 70% of the clean or lighter); for work on aggressiveness in the extension and/or pull under the bar, heavier weights should be used (70% and above); for use as a lighter clean variation on a lighter training day, weights can be as heavy or light as needed for the athlete at that time, but a loose guideline would be about 70-80%.
The hip clean can be done with or without a countermovement, and with or without the hook grip

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