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Jerk Spring

The jerk spring is a partial jerk exercise to improve the elasticity in the transition of the dip to the drive of the jerk.
Place the bar in the jerk rack position with your feet in the same stance you use to jerk. Bend at the knees only just as you would for the jerk and transition quickly in the bottom, aiming for a springy, elastic bounce in the bottom. Repeat this springy transition for the prescribed reps (usually 3-5). It’s not necessary to stand completely in each rep, and there is no active upward drive of the bar.
This exercise relies on finding a rhythm to synchronize the movement with the whip of the bar. The heavier the weight, the easier this is to feel because the bar will bend more.
The jerk spring helps train the elasticity of the transition between the dip and drive of the jerk. It can be helpful for improving the rhythm of the movement, especially for lifters who are not naturally quick and springy the dip and drive of their jerks.
The jerk spring can be performed in isolation from a rack for 1-5 reps, or it can be done at the end of a set of cleans or front squats as some bonus work for the jerk. Weights can be very heavy and exceed the lifter’s maximum jerk as long as the position and balance are correct and the movement remains quick and springy rather than slowing down into a grinding movement.
There are a few similar and related exercises to the jerk spring (see below).

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