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Rebound Jerk

AKA reverse jerk

The rebound jerk is a variation of the jerk in which multiple reps are performed in series without resetting the initial tall position.
Perform a jerk. After securing the bar overhead, recover to bring your feet back into your drive position with the bar still overhead. Lower the bar back to the shoulders, absorbing it by bending your knees, and use this knee bend as the dip for the dip and drive of the subsequent jerk rep.
This is a tricky exercise. If you’re not good at lowering jerks back to your shoulders, or have a bad habit of hinging at the hip and/or shifting forward in the dip and drive of the jerk, this is not an appropriate exercise for you.
The rebound jerk helps train the elasticity of the legs for the dip and drive of the jerk.   
Sets of 1-3 reps are suggested with weights anywhere from 70% to the lifter’s maximum jerk.
The rebound jerk can be done with any jerk variation such as power jerk, push jerk and squat jerk in addition to the split jerk. Behind the neck variations are not recommended because of the likelihood of hinging at the hips and performing an improper dip movement.

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