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12-Week Complete Cycle
12 weeks

This is a 12-week cycle with 8 weeks of preparatory work focused primarily on leg strength, and 4 weeks of competition preparation with a Bulgarian-style structure. (This cycle is in 3 different Excel files listed in order)

Volume: Moderate-High
Intensity: Moderate-High

Good For:
  • Leg strength
  • CrossFitters or other athletes who want to emphasize strength (especially squat strength) and weightlifting temporarily while not losing a lot of conditioning
  • Some days have conditioning work - this is optional and only for those who want to maintain conditioning for activities/sports other than weightlifting during the cycle

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(9) Comments
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Alex Cancel 2015-08-05
The excel sheets were on the page, but now they don't show up. What gives?
We are currently working on improving the spreadsheets. You will have to use the daily workouts to view each day. I apologize for the inconveinece.
Steve Pan
Mikael 2015-08-12
Im in week 2 right now should I wait for the new sheet or continue with the old?
You can use the old sheet if you have it. I recommend checking your current day against the corresponding day on the site.

Steve Pan
David 2015-08-23
When will the new spreadsheets be available?
Mikael 2015-08-26
Great program. after 4 weeks I can just play with my old clean & jerk pr, can easily power jerk like nothing what I earlier struggled with split jerk. one question.... I am pretty strong from the floor in snatch and clean, but terrible at squat snatch, should I go heavier on the snatch pull/ snatch deadlift? 80% off my snatch is like nothing...
You may take the weight up a bit in the pulls but don't go overboard. Keep working on squatting in the snatches and I recommend OHS, Snatch Balance, and holding the bottom position in any exercise that includes an OHS.

Steve Pan
tanner hodson 2015-09-07
Question about reps... for example Day 6 for back squats is 3 reps 8 sets. is the weight designed to work up to that for the last set or is that the working weight for all sets?
The prescription is for the working weight. You can warm up to the weight but make sure you get all the sets at the prescribed weight.

Steve Pan
Olivier 2015-09-29
Hi, I practice Crossfit, I would like to start a real program to improve my different skills in weightlifting, conditioning and gym. I would like to do your program and add some gym in the morning (weightlifting in the afternoon). Can I add some cardio too or this program can maintain/improve conditioning? Thanks for you advise. Olivier P.S: I don't see the excel files to download, is it normal?
I would recommend against combining this with other programs or adding cardio volume.

The Excel sheets have been removed, you will have to go from the site pages for the workouts.

Steve Pan
TD 2015-09-29
Would it be alright to add conditioning to the end of the workout? Something in comparison to a 6-18 minute crossfit conditioning workout. An example of the conditioning would be 3 rds: 15 Deadlifts 12 Hanging Power Cleans 9 Front Squats 6 Jerks @ 155 or 185 (+ range) And adjusting the conditioning workout to avoid too much exercise overlap to prevent muscle damage.
Do not add this to any workout. I would highly recommennd against using those exercises in conditioning workouts and the volume of the workout you posted almost doubles the volume of the first workout in this cycle.

Steve Pan
Riley Wilson 2015-11-11
When will the excel sheet be back up and running? It makes my lifting so much easier and organized. Thanks for all the knowledge and programming.
Dakota Martinez 2015-11-22
What is the significance of doing knee hang work vice off the ground (like in the traditional cycle). This seems very similar to the traditional, I just wanted to see what the different focus areas were for. Thanks!
Hang work helps improve strength and balance in specific positions of the pull, and can improve speed, explosiveness, and aggressiveness.

Greg Everett

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