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Major Changes at Catalyst Athletics
Greg Everett | Editorial | March 31 2016 | Comments (4)

Catalyst Athletics is undergoing a dramatic change. We’re returning to our weightlifting roots—the garage gym.   After 8 years of running our current 5,000 square foot facility in California, and almost 15 years in the gym business, we’re relocating to a small town in central Oregon and exiting the commercial gym business. April 30th will be the last day of the gym’s...... Continue reading
Interview: Leo Totten
Matt Foreman | Interviews | March 30 2016 | Comments

Leo Totten has done more for weightlifting in the United States than the vast majority of people involved in the sport. I realize that’s a huge statement to open this interview with, but it’s totally appropriate in this case. Leo started his road in weightlifting as an athlete in the 1970s. After rising to the national level and competing in the 1984 Olympic Trials, he decided to retir...... Continue reading
Improving Your Footwork in the Split Jerk
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | March 28 2016 | Comments

I joke in the gym that the split jerk is just a power jerk into a split position—in other words, quit making it so complicated and changing the entire movement rather than just the footwork. The dip and drive should be no different between the two jerk variations. Of course, just telling you to quit overcomplicating things and do it right probably won’t work (never does with my own lif...... Continue reading
3 Things That Will Make Weightlifting Coaches Dump Athletes
Matt Foreman | Editorial | March 24 2016 | Comments (4)

Right away, I need to make it clear that the title of this article is just a wee bit misleading. I’m approaching this topic from a personal perspective, so it could have been called 3 Things That Will Make Matt Foreman Dump Athletes. However, I’ve been in this sport for a long time and I’ve known a lot of coaches. Many times, I’ve noticed a common set of philosophies, rules...... Continue reading
How to Use Your Ears as a Weightlifting Coach
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | March 21 2016 | Comments

Eyes are wonderful tools for the coach—I don’t think anyone would argue the most useful. If you’re a coach trying to help a lifter diagnose and correct a technical problem, eyes are the go-to sensory organs.   However, with all of our recent infatuation with digital tools like video for slow-motion and frame-by-frame play, bar path tracing, superimposition, bar speed measu...... Continue reading
Shoulder Dislocation Rehabilitation for Weightlifting: Part 3
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | March 16 2016 | Comments (3)

Last week marked 6 months post-op and 7 months post-injury for me. According to the surgeon, this means that the tears and repairs are fully healed now. My mobility has improved fairly steadily and while it’s still not back to 100%, it’s finally close enough within range to reassure me that it will in fact recovery fully eventually, which I was not convinced of for the first several mo...... Continue reading
Interview: Brian Wilhelm
Matt Foreman | Interviews | March 16 2016 | Comments

When I decided to interview Brian Wilhelm, I knew I was going to have to ask him about his father. I almost didn’t want to bring it up, because I’m sure he hears about it constantly. Being an Olympic weightlifter and also being Bruce Wilhelm’s kid can’t be easy. Bruce was a legend in the iron game, and you know damn well his son gets a continuous stream of comparisons, ques...... Continue reading
The Burdening & Recovery Schedule for Olympic Weightlifting
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | March 14 2016 | Comments

The internet is flooded with information about snatch and clean & jerk technique these days, but good program design and training information remains comparatively hard to find. Part of the reason I believe is simply that it's an enormous, complex topic—the program design section alone in my book is 170 pages. One of the big questions is how you schedule burdening and recovery&mda...... Continue reading
The New American Open Totals: Why The #$%! Am I Even Doing This?
Matt Foreman | Editorial | March 7 2016 | Comments (2)

So… the qualifying totals for the American Open were released by USA Weightlifting last week.   As many people predicted, the totals are now significantly higher than they were last year. In case you haven’t followed this situation, let me break it down for you quick and easy. The American Open is the second most important weightlifting meet in the United States (after the Nati...... Continue reading
The Double Knee Bend: It’s Not Going Away Just Because You Pretend It's Not There
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | February 29 2016 | Comments (11)

I get a lot of emails and texts throughout my days. The great thing about this is that I have an organic network of people feeding me things they’ve found in their time browsing the internet so I don’t have to spend time looking at anything myself—I just get sent the ridiculous, the confusing and the interesting and have the luxury to choose what to ignore and what to get irritat...... Continue reading
Showing 21 — 30 of 386
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