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Ask Greg: Snatch Options with Limited Ankle Range of Motion
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | December 6 2017 | Comments

Evan Asks: I'm a male lifter who has been lifting for something like 9-10 months now. I usually lift in my garage; it’s pretty rare that I go to a gym. However, I do on o... Continue reading
Training Exercise vs. Novelty
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | November 30 2017 | Comments

The internet is a great tool for all of us, but it also complicates certain things. For example, when you see a video of your favorite weightlifter from Whereveristan doing some odd exercise, you're naturally going to assume a few things: They do this ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Can't Get a Back Arch in the Starting Position
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | November 29 2017 | Comments (2)

Adrian Asks: I've been lifting a year and a half and have a problem setting up tight from the floor. From plates and off blocks I feel really strong but when it comes to the fl... Continue reading
The High-Pull: Pros & Cons
Sergey Bondarenko | Olympic Weightlifting | November 27 2017 | Comments (1)

The exercise known to us as a snatch/clean high-pull and referred to as “Practicing active drop phase” in the Soviet school has long been incorporated into weightlifters’ routines. But like with any other exercise, to benefit from it, an athl... Continue reading
Don't Lock Your Elbows in the Pull
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | November 23 2017 | Comments

It's a pretty common occurrence to see the attempts at correcting or preventing one problem create another. One I come across seemingly hourly is lifters locking their elbows in extension during the pull of the snatch or clean. Obviously this is a well-int... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Hang Snatch Better Than from Floor
Greg Everett | Editorial | November 22 2017 | Comments

Andrew Asks: Hi Greg, my snatch from hang position either mid thigh or knee is doing pretty good, but when I do it from the floor, I can’t get it right, I keep thinking about shoulder over the bar, shins vertical, weight on heels. When I'm doing from... Continue reading
The Comments We Hear: Sometimes the Smallest Ones…
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | November 20 2017 | Comments

Years ago, I was training with a gal who was one of the top national/international lifters in the United States. We had just recently returned to the gym after lifting in the Natio... Continue reading
The Clean Turnover: Spin the Bar
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | November 16 2017 | Comments

The barbell has bearings for a reason—so it can spin. The turnover of the clean is the opposite of a curl—in a curl, the bar pivots around the elbow; in the clean, the elbow pivots around the bar. If the bar is not moved actively into proximity to ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Maintaining a More Upright Posture in the Snatch Pull
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | November 15 2017 | Comments

Ryan Asks: What can I do to improve on keeping my chest up and ass down on the snatch pull as the weight gets heavier? I find myself bouncing the bar a little too hard off the hips... Continue reading
How Do You Warm Up For A Weightlifting Exercise?
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | November 13 2017 | Comments (1)

At this point, I can usually answer questions by pasting a link to an article or video of mine. Every once in a while, I get surprised that I don’t have something to send bec... Continue reading
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