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Clean With No Jump
AKA Clean with no feet, no foot clean, no jump clean, clean without moving feet

The clean with no jump can be used to help improve balance, leg drive power and timing, bar-body interaction, and timing of the pull under in the clean.
Set your clean starting position, but with your feet in your squat instead of pulling stance. Note that the exercise can be done in the pulling stance as long as you have the mobility to sit properly into a squat and not affect the rest of the motion.
Perform a clean as usual, but at the top of the pull, continue pushing aggressively through the floor with the legs and pulling the bar up higher than you normally would before pulling under aggressively, keeping the balls of the feet in contact with the floor throughout the motion.
It’s easy to do a clean without moving the feet by cutting the leg drive off early and/or exaggerating hip extension, but this defeats the purpose of the exercise and actually makes it exacerbate the problem its intended to correct. The feet should remain planted because you continue to push with the legs harder and longer, not because you don’t finish the pull well. 
The clean with no jump primarily helps to train a longer and more powerful leg drive in the pull of the clean, and better timing of the transition between the second and third pulls, specifically the need to continue driving against the floor while initiating the pull under. Additionally, it can be helpful to correct any type of imbalances during the pull or turnover of the lift because the athlete’s base can’t move to compensate for unintended displacement of the center of mass, or simply to help reduce excessive foot elevation.
This exercise can be used as a technique primer before a clean session or as a standalone technique exercise. Typically in the latter case, it would be used on lighter training days between heavier clean training sessions. It can also be used as a primary clean exercise for a period of time, although normal cleanes should remain in the program at least once a week. Use sets of 1-3 reps. Athletes who are experienced with the lift may be able to use a high percentage of their best clean, in some cases very near to their max; less experienced athletes will typically be using 40-60% of their best clean.
Any clean variation can be performed without lifting the feet, such as hang, power, segment, from blocks, on a riser, etc.

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