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Clean With No Jump

AKA Clean with no feet, no feet clean, no jump clean, flat-footed clean
The clean with no jump is a technique-oriented exercise that can be used to help improve certain elements of the clean.
Perform a clean while keeping your feet planted on the floor throughout the movement. Begin with your feet in your receiving position since they will not move. The heels can and should lift at the top of the pull, but the balls of the feet must remain planted and pressing against the platform. Emphasize the upward extension and leg drive.
Sometimes cleans with no jump are done without the hook grip to force a somewhat more controlled extension.
The clean with no jump primarily helps to train a longer and more powerful leg drive in the pull of the clean, and better timing of the transition between the second and third pulls, specifically the need to continue driving against the floor while initiating the pull under.
Additionally, it can be helpful to correct any type of imbalances during the pull or turnover of the lift because the athlete’s base can’t move to compensate for unintended displacement of the center of mass, or simply to help reduce excessive foot elevation.
This exercise can be used as a technique primer or as a standalone technique exercise. Typically in the latter case, it would be used on lighter training days between heavier clean training sessions. Use sets of 1-3 reps. Athletes who are experienced with the lift may be able to use a high percentage of their best clean; less experienced athletes will typically be using 40-60% of their best clean.
Any clean variation can be performed without lifting the feet.

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December 6 2015
Would it help to feel better the meaning of pulling yourself under? Or tall clean are better for this?

Tall cleans would be better for getting a feel for pulling under into the squat.

Steve Pan