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Concentric Split Jerk
AKA Bottom-up split jerk, block split jerk, concentric jerk

The concentric split jerk is a split jerk that begins with the bar resting on blocks and removes the dip portion of the lift.
Set a bar on jerk blocks that places it at the height it would be in the bottom of your normal jerk dip. Position yourself under the bar as you would be in the bottom of your dip and brace your trunk.
From a dead stop, drive aggressively with the legs against the floor to complete a split jerk as you would otherwise.
The lift can be taken from the pins of a power rack instead of jerk blocks.
The concentric split jerk forces maximal rate of force development to improve the power of the jerk drive by eliminating any elastic contribution of the barbell or legs, and even most of the pre-tension that would be available in a pause jerk. Because it eliminates these things, it can also be used to train and reinforce a complete upward drive prior to the push under the bar. It can also be used as a jerk alternative when injury or pain the knees or elsewhere prevents the lifter from performing the dip phase of the jerk.
Sets of 1-3 reps are suggested with weights at 50% of more of the lifter’s maximum split jerk. This lift can be used as a warm-up for split jerks to encourage a more aggressive and complete drive, in addition to split jerks, or as a substitute for split jerks when training the specific elements it emphasizes is needed.     
Concentric split jerks can be performed behind the neck.

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