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Push Jerk In Split

The push jerk in split helps strengthen and improve comfort and balance in the proper split position for the jerk.
Place the bar in your jerk rack position and step in your split receiving position. Make sure your weight is balanced equally between the front and back foot and brace the trunk.
Dip straight down with the legs, and drive straight back up to elevate and accelerate the bar, keeping both feet connected to the floor. Push the bar up and slightly back off the shoulders aggressively with the arms and into a fully locked overhead position as you sink back down into the normal split depth in which you started.
Be sure to maintain the equal balance between the feet.
The push jerk in split is a helpful exercise for strengthening the split position, and also for reinforcing the proper position and balance in the split, while also strengthening and reinforcing the proper overhead position for the jerk. Unlike the exercise from behind the neck, the bar needs to move back slightly and the chest lean forward slightly as the bar moves overhead—this means the exercise can help lifters learn to control that motion properly rather than leaning the chest and shifting their balance forward as they split under the jerk.
Sets of 3-5 reps with light to moderate weights can be used—from an empty bar to as much as 60-70% of jerk. Some lifters will be able to move a lot of weight in this exercise, but never exceed what can be done properly, particularly with regard to balance, as it will defeat the purpose and simply reinforce the problems it’s supposed to be correcting.

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