Weightlifting Competition
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A Response to Mike Gray’s Ridiculous Crap About Competing in Weightlifting
Matt Foreman | Weightlifting Competition | May 2 2016 | Comments (6)

There have been two or three times when I’ve intentionally written articles with outlandish titles just to see how many internet morons will post half-cocked raging comments ... Continue reading
Why You Should Compete in Weightlifting
Mike Gray | Weightlifting Competition | March 31 2016 | Comments (5)

A few weeks ago Matt Foreman and I were teaching a weightlifting seminar geared toward masters and at the end we had a little Q & A so people could ask Matt about his super secret diet tricks and why I hate the use of NSAIDs (This is complete sarcasm). How... Continue reading
Overplaying Your Opponent: Tactics in Olympic Weightlifting Competition
Sergey Bondarenko | Weightlifting Competition | January 11 2016 | Comments

When you stand on the platform in front of the bar in the dead silence greedily breathing to fill your lungs with air full of shrinking tension and competition spirit, there is no ... Continue reading
Weightlifting Competition Warm-up Room Etiquette
Greg Everett | Weightlifting Competition | December 21 2015 | Comments (1)

While much warm-up room etiquette is no different than in any other area of life, there are a few issues specific to weightlifting, and an apparent need to reiterate even things th... Continue reading
Bad Performances Produce Good Weightlifting
Matt Foreman | Weightlifting Competition | December 14 2015 | Comments (4)

I want to tell you a little story about something that happened in my weightlifting career a long time ago. I can apply it to every single one of you and it’ll help you make your own careers better, so you better friggin read it.   I bombed ou... Continue reading
Lousy Training Right Before Weightlifting Competition
Matt Foreman | Weightlifting Competition | November 30 2015 | Comments (2)

Most of us like it when things run smoothly.   As we get older, I think we develop a lower tolerance for bullcrap. Our patience level goes down and we get miffed when we... Continue reading
How To Be A Better Competition Weightlifter
Matt Foreman | Weightlifting Competition | August 10 2015 | Comments (3)

As I’m writing this, it’s August 3rd 2015.   You know why that date is significant? Because some of the most important Olympic weightlifting competitions in the United States are coming up within the next couple of weeks. From August 9-1... Continue reading
Weightlifting Competition Warm-ups: The Importance of Flexibility
Travis Cooper | Weightlifting Competition | January 12 2015 | Comments

With the increasing number of competitors at national events comes an increase in competition. Weightlifting is now more exciting than ever to watch from the crowd, but what most p... Continue reading
A Simple Guide to Weightlifting Competition Warm-ups
Greg Everett | Weightlifting Competition | October 7 2014 | Comments (2)

One of the most common questions I get through the various media through which I’m connected interminably to the weightlifting world is how to properly warm-up for competitio... Continue reading
Weightlifting Competition Preparation: Don't Forget the Details
Greg Everett | Weightlifting Competition | July 14 2014 | Comments (3)

As the National Championships approach, I figured a competition preparation article was in order. We’ve published a few articles on the subject before, so I want to focus on ... Continue reading
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